The love that was never meant to be

A serene summer night.
The moon acting as the lovers’ light.
Two of them sitting side by side.
Gazing out at the star-lit sky.

I looked into his eyes.
And willed myself not to cry.
I know he loves me with all his heart.
But yet today,we must part.
Then I reached out for his hand.
To let him know that I understand.
We were lovers not meant to be.
Though my love for him will never cease.

She’s so beautiful and so delicate.
It just breaks my heart to see her hurt.
I could feel her pain when she touched my hand.
How I wish I could always be her man…

He told me that everything would be fine.
but we both knew that it was just a lie.
For when light breaks as the sun rise,
It will be time to say goodbye.

I looked into her beautiful eyes for one last time.
They looked soulful instead of their usual shine.
Then I bid her farewell,in the usual way we do.
Giving her a kiss,and saying,”I love you too..”

I could still feel his lingering kiss on my lips.
It was then that I felt a tear slowly slip.
Cause I knew that there wont ever be a you and me.
For this was a love not meant to be.


Satu Tanggapan

  1. cinta…cinta…cinta…

    doow mbak far…always in the…

    ah, gag tega bilangny, gag mau mucuan…

    link michan y…

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